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Research Experience for Undergraduates in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
2019 dates: June 18th - August 23rd

Application due date: February 4, 2019


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Faculty Participants in the Summer 2019 REU Program:

Please note: Availability of some faculty listed could change due to sabbatical, vacation and/or travel to attend conferences and meetings. Please see MGCB REU Trainers for more information on each of these faculty members.

Robert Carrillo Control of neural circuit assembly by cell surface proteins
Richard Fehon Tissue growth control in development
Ben Glick Biogenesis of secretory pathway organelles in yeast and mammalian cells, and directed evolution of fluorescent proteins
Michael Glotzer Cytokinesis in animal cells
Jean Greenberg Plant defense against bacterial infection, and bacterial virulence mechanisms
Sally Horne-Badovinac Collective cell migration and basement membrane remodeling during organ morphogenesis
David Kovar Actin assembly in fission yeast, from fundamental cellular mechanisms to cancer
Stephen Kron Signal transduction, cell cycle control, and checkpoints. Technology development
Heng-Chi Lee Small RNA-mediated epigenetic regulation & genome surveillance
Ed Munro Cytoskeletal dynamics and cell polarization and morphogenesis
Ilaria Rebay Transcriptional regulatory circuits in development and disease
Michael Rust Biophysical and biochemical analysis of circadian clocks
Jonathan Staley Pre-mRNA splicing and quality control in yeast
Aaron Turkewitz Membrane traffic and evolution


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