Stephen J. Kron, MD, PhD Stephen J. Kron
Cell Cycle Checkpoints

Professor, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, Committees on Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology; Cancer Biology; Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics; and Molecular Medicine, and The College

B.A., Biochemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 1982; M.S.E, Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1983; M.D.-Ph.D., Cell Biology, Stanford University, 1990


Research Summary

The Kron laboratory is a diverse and collaborative group of cell biologists, geneticists, biochemists, chemists and computer scientists. Our current basic research and technology efforts include 1) defining roles for chromatin dynamics and cell cycle regulation in DNA damage checkpoint response and cellular senescence, 2) dissecting cross-talk between metabolism and DNA damage response, 3) developing novel molecular assays to interrogate cell signaling in cancer, and 4) implementing novel mass spectrometry approaches to enable quantitative proteomics. We also pursue translational projects directed at 1) discovering inhibitors of cellular response to DNA double strand breaks as an approach to radiosensitization, 2) examining DNA damage and repair in tissues and tumors, and 3) exploiting DNA damage responses to induce anti-tumor immune responses.


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Selected Publications

J. Xu, S. S.-Y. Lee, H. Seo, L. Pang, Y. Jun, R.-Y. Zhang, Z.-Y. Zhang, P. Kim, W. Lee, S.J. Kron, and Y. Yeo, "Quinic acid-conjugated nanoparticles enhance drug delivery to solid tumors via interactions with endothelial selectins," Small, 14:e1803601. doi: 10.1002/smll.201803601, 2018 (PubMed)

S.S.-Y. Lee, V.P. Bindokas, M.W. Lingen and S.J. Kron, "Non-destructive, multiplex three-dimensional mapping of immune infiltrates in core needle biopsy," Laboratory Investigation, doi: 10.1038/s41374-018-0156-y, 2018 (PubMed)

S.S.-Y. Lee, V.P. Bindokas and S.J. Kron, "Multiplex three-dimensional mapping of macromolecular drug distribution in the tumor microenvironment," Molec Cancer Ther, 18:213-226, 2019 (PubMed)

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E.V. Efimova, N. Ricco, E. Labay, H.J. Mauceri, A.C. Flor, A. Ramamurthy, H.G. Sutton, R.R. Weichselbaum and S.J. Kron, "HMG-CoA reductase inhibition delays DNA repair and promotes senescence after tumor irradiation," Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 17:407-418, 2018 (PubMed)

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E.V. Efimova, S. Takahashi, N.A. Shamsi, D. Wu, E. Labay, O.A. Ulanovskaya, R.R. Weichselbaum, S.A. Kozmin and S.J. Kron, "Linking cancer metabolism to DNA repair and accelerated senescence," Molecular Cancer Research, 14:173-84, 2016 (PubMed)



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